Curtain Headings Guide

Pinch Pleat

For a luxurious, tailored finish, look to Made to Measure Pinch Pleat curtain headings. One of our most popular style of curtain heading; a hand sewn triple pleat (usually 5” in depth) which works with all fabrics.

The pleats can be made deeper for a more dramatic effect. We can dress the base of each pleat with buttons of your choice. They look particularly striking with co-ordinating fabric covered buttons and trimming cord which can be looped or knotted at the base of each pleat. The pinch pleat is suitable for long or short curtains and looks best when interlined (as is our recommendation).

We tailor each curtain to fit the window. This style of heading gives a classic and elegant look but can be made to look more dressy which is great for both formal and informal rooms.

Goblet Pinch

For an uncompromisingly formal look, consider the Goblet Pleat curtain heading. Our Made to Measure Goblet Pleat headings create an opulent and timeless effect. The goblet pleat is the same format as a pinch pleat but instead of folding the pleats we stuff the curtain heading and it supports itself so that it appears like a goblet of wine. Again, cord and buttons can be stitched to the base of each‘goblet’ for added effect. This style of heading is great for a large, grand room and looks particularly effective with silk or heavy woven fabrics.

Pencil Pleat

The simplest and most economical form of curtain heading that we offer. This heading is a simple gather, suitable for unlined curtains and kitchen style curtains and voiles. This style creates a very informal, casual look and is a good way of cutting down on the amount of fabric you use (although we do recommend double fullness). Pencil pleats are particularly suitable for lightweight cottons and voiles.

Wave Curtains

Wave headings for curtains allow a more modern look as they do not have a gather. Wave headings are available on certain tracks and poles, particularly Silent Gliss. As the name suggests, this type of heading allows curtains to hang in a continuous wave. This is ideal for large, tall window (particularly patios and bi-fold door where there is limited space). With this style of heading the fabric folds very softly. It is a fantastic way to create very linear, clean lines and looks very neat when pulled back for a classy, elegant look.

Eyelet Curtains

A versatile, easy to hang style if you don’t want to use curtain rings. Economical in terms of fabric use, eyelet curtain headings can make your window look bigger by using a longer curtain pole so that when drawn back, the fabric sits against the wall and not over the window. A selection of different eyelets can be used and are punched through the fabric of the curtains. They are great for providing soft, wide folds and can be used on both large and small windows, we also provide made to measure blackout eyelet curtains.


We also provide a Made to Measure Swags and Tails service. Swags are perfect for Victorian style decor, although swags vary from light and simple to highly elaborate and ornamental, they usually bring a more elegant feel to the overall design and can easily become the focal point of the room. The fabric drapes across the top of the window, forming graceful curves and cascading gently down its sides.