Why August is the ‘best’ month of the year to move house

The last few days in August are the most popular days of the year to move house. E.ON did some research that shows moving house is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce or starting a new job. It obviously depends on the people who were surveyed… but moving house is most definitely up there.

It’s the bank holiday weekend that is most popular. The weather has the potential to be good, and it gives people an extra day to sort their possessions out and of course it also falls within the summer holidays.

Useful moving-house tips

  • Ask us to come and take down your curtains. We will remove them, clean them, and then re-hang them for you in your new home; adjusting them to fit as necessary.
  • Before filling boxes, cut handles into either side to make lifting easier
  • If you have furniture such as a chest of drawers with handles on the outside, unscrew handles and screw them backwards on the inside – this will prevent bumps and scrapes sometimes caused by protruding handles.
  • Furniture with drawers? If you have eg a side table with drawers that can fall out when you lift it, consider wrapping the side table in clingfilm. This will prevent drawers landing on toes!
  • Meters: take a picture of all meter readings on your phone: this is much quicker than writing it down, and you’re also less likely to mislay it!
  • Electrical items: again, use your phone to take pictures of how the wires are connected to the item so that setting up eg your television in your new home is a breeze.
  • Plates: add a paper plate between each piece of crockery to help prevent damage
  • Mail: a forwarding service is great but some things do get through so leave a small piles of stamped addresses envelopes to make it easy for the new owners to send your mail onwards.

To book our expert fitter to take down your curtains and poles, and refit them in your new home, please  call 01206 571000.

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