Top interior design trends for Autumn/Winter 2017

I love the transition from summer to autumn. Everything was very ‘hygge’ last year and that feeling of comfort I think is always going to be appreciated in the cooler months. But the overwhelming trend I’m seeing in the fabrics and wallpapers from the top collections, is that of retaining a sense of nature: fabric prints with animals, birds, plants, and leaves. And this year there is more emphasis on texture which adds interest to any plain colour. Also a little accessories tip: there’s been a definite shift from copper to brass!

Animal magic

Animals and birds feature heavily in the autumn/winter collections from several of the main design houses. This Woodland Chorus fabric from Sanderson is part of the Woodland Walk collection which includes hedgehogs, squirrels and on another fabric: butterflies.

Plants plants and more plants!

Yes plants and plant prints are everywhere. I think they’re wonderful and while they have always been a part of interiors to some extent (as you’ll see in the original William Morris fabric and wallpapers) they are becoming more defined. This is the Tulipa Stellata Fabric from Designers Guild. If you’d like to go for something less ornate with a simpler pattern, Sanderson, Harlequin and Prestigious Textiles also have some lovely plant-inspired collections.

Dramatic textures

I chose this picture as it highlights the mix of textures really well: the velvet and metallic cushions, metallic fabric on the sofa, and the thick rug. And the botanical prints with dried branches show how well these themes can be brought together to create a very comfortable but interesting room. These particular fabrics are from Harlequin’s Lilaea collection.

Rich velvets

Velvet is always a winner in winter and the collections we’ve seen haven’t excluded this luxurious fabric by any means. Designers Guild has extended its most popular velvet range to include more colours: these are plain velvets but they are hugely versatile.

Bold walls

Keeping things interesting: I’ve seen far fewer ‘plain and simple’ approaches to interiors lately, and more ‘strong and courageous’. Bold walls are most definitely a theme this autumn. Balancing very plain light-coloured sofas against a dark-coloured wall is popular. This Diffusion wallpaper from the Anthology Definition collection, provides intense drama: it has a ripple effect design which is enhanced by metallic inks and iridescence, complimented with brassy accessories.

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