Interiors tips for selling your home

Spring: prime home-selling time. But how can you take steps to ensure your home gets snapped up? These easy-to-implement tips are great for adding a wow factor, and if you manage to put them into practice, you’re going to wish you did it years ago!

Declutter and de-personalise

Everyone loves a hotel room that looks inviting and is going to be ‘theirs’ for the next few days. And it’s the same with your home: if people can picture themselves there, they are going to warm to it much more quickly.

If your home is full of pictures of you and your family, it’s going to be very difficult for other people to envisage living there. This is especially important in rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

So declutter as much as you can. There are several companies who offer this as as service now too: so if you haven’t got the time or the inclination, let them do it and put your items into storage temporarily.

Tie back curtains

It’s such a simple thing and can make a huge difference to the neatness and presentation of a room. Adding that shape to curtains draws the eye to the window and creates a point of interest.

Tiebacks don’t have to match the curtain completely, but should compliment them. You might want to consider different textures, glass beads, wooden beads: there is a huge selection available (come and see us inside Hatfields of Colchester, Peartree Road, Stanway, Colchester if you’d like to browse a range).

Add plants... and water

Plants make a big difference, not only to how a house looks, but how it feels. There’s a kind of zen that comes from having them in the home, and they do create oxygen and help remove toxins from the air. So you have nothing to lose by introducing some plants.

Yes, a lot of us are a bit rubbish at keeping them alive but if you’re making a big effort to sell your home. the theory is that they only need to be looking good for a few weeks!

Add (neat) cushions

Cushions are like the necklace of an outfit: they can make ALL the difference. Your sofa may be looking a little bit tired, or your bedroom might look a little bit bare (once you’ve decluttered it) so cushions are a versatile, affordable answer.

They can give a room a real lift if you decide to invest in a bit of colour, or they can help with the clean lines and uniformity of a space (as in the picture above).

They will need a bit of positioning and plumping before your viewers arrive, but it will be worth it.

Add more lighting

I’d say to add more lighting is the general rule: show your home off in its best light, literally. Brighten up dull corners and show off areas you’re proud of and think someone else will like.

Whatever time of day it is, there are bound to be some darker areas of your home, so think about how lighting can make the most of those spaces.

And if you can, consider lighting that is a bit of a feature in itself. These bulbs (pictured) always raise a comment and while they’re not the cheapest, they are effective and they mean you don’t need to worry about lampshades.

Clean curtains

Clean curtains when you’re trying to sell your home, are a very good idea. Unfortunately not many of us get round to doing it unless they are a real problem.

However, when it comes to moving your curtains into your new home, their level of cleanliness is going to be very noticeable. This is why we offer to come into your home, take your curtains and poles down for you, clean them, and put them up in your new home.

New home, clean curtains: now that’s not a bad start!

Please get in touch about our moving home service.

Thanks for reading!

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