How to stay warm and save money on bills this winter

I’ve just redone my bedroom and had some lovely new curtains put in. So I’m hoping the candle test won’t apply this year, in my bedroom at least. Each winter my husband goes around the house with a candle, checking for draughts. Would your home stand up to the candle test?

1. Check windows

Check windows and reseal draughty ones. According to the Energy Saving Trust, draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you on average between £25 to £50 per year.  Of course, if your house is very draughty, the savings will be a whole lot more!

2. Get a chimney balloon

Have you got a chimney? Consider a chimney balloon, which stops the heat disappearing up the chimney, and prevents draughts being created through the house. The draw up a chimney can be surprisingly strong. 

3. Line your curtains

Line your curtains with thermal material: this can reduce head loss by 25%.

4. Turn down the thermostat

Draught-free homes are comfortable at lower temperatures – so if you’ve draught-proofed your home, you’ll be able to turn down your thermostat.  This could save you another 10% off your heating bill.  

5. Door curtains

Draughts around your letterbox and front door? Consider a door curtain: they will keep the warmth in beautifully and make going out into the hall from your snug living room, a less unpleasant experience! TIP buy a pair rather than a single curtain as it will be more cost efficient, and you can use the second one to cover your back door.

6. Wear more clothes!

One of my favourite tips: wear more clothes! The perfect excuse to go shopping and invest in some snuggly jumpers…!

7. Close your curtains at dusk

Closing your curtains at dusk will officially reduce heat loss by up to 15%.   

8. Use draught excluders

Make some draught excluders: We’ve got some fabulous offcuts that would be perfect! 

9. Insulate your loft

Insulate your loft: if you have a loft, make sure you insulate it!  According to the Energy Saving Trust, it can save you up to £240 a year

10. Use clingfilm on your windows

Apparently, if you haven’t got double glazing, you can add a layer of clingfilm to your window and it acts like a (very thin) second barrier.  It supposedly works but don’t use the stuff you get from the supermarket: go to your DIY store and ask for ‘double-glazing film’ or ‘stretch wrap’.

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