Inspirational living rooms

I always think the most important thing when it comes to coming up with ideas for your own home, is inspiration. There are some wonderful examples of living room design out there. Any two living rooms are rarely the same so there are always opportunities for self expression and creating something interesting out of your favourite living space.

Matched and mis-matched

A lovely, light space: without this furniture arrangement, this could conceivably have simply been a through-space. But the white base, with shades of cream, the textures and the splashes of colour, plus the unusual lampshades, turn it into an interesting and eye catching area. The softness of the curves also make it inviting and comfortable.


A shapely area

There are so many different shapes in this room: and the base cream, yellow, black and browns colours combine to create a neat, stylish space.

Textured approach

This has a loft feel to it: the stark grey walls make a fantastic base from which the natural colours and textures can really stand out.

Light and white

A clean light bright space: maximises the light to make this dual purpose room into an inviting space.

Textiles and more textiles!

This room looks like a happy one! The plain floor and slatted walls form a really good canvas for this mix of textiles.

Small colour palette, big impression

A small palette of brown, black, grey and orange means you create a neat, impressive room. It would be too dull for me without the orange, so I really like how it pops with colour.

Create your own inviting living space

If you’d like some advice on where to start with your living space, and would like to browse the wonderful selection of fabrics and wallpapers we have, please visit us inside Hatfields of Colchester, Peartree Road, Stanway, Colchester 01206 571000.

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