How to stop wasting the heat from your radiators

Have you always wondered whether all the warm air from your radiator is escaping up and out of your window?

There are several practical reasons why radiators are placed under the window

  • Windows can sometimes be draughty, especially those without double glazing. When cold air enters the room, it falls to the floor and moves across the room, which is felt as a draught. A radiator placed under a window counteracts this effect and warms up the cooler air, so preventing the draught progressing into the room.
  • Window walls are often the best place for a radiator because it is more difficult to use them as a place to position furniture. So the space is usually ideal for radiators. Radiators shouldn’t be positioned behind furniture as this affects the ability of the radiator to heat the room.

How to prevent heat from your radiators being wasted

  • Warm air will escape from a room at the same rate whether it’s heated or not so the most important thing is to maximise your insulation.
  • Double glazing helps prevent the cold air entering the room. In this case, having a radiator under the window still helps because the warmer air can create an insulating barrier against the cool glass. Saying that, glass is a good convector of heat so will allow your warm air to escape. Double glazing reduces this effect.
  • Make sure your curtains are not covering your radiator: if they do, all the warm air is trapped behind them… and is being directed towards the cool glass… which will cool the air. If your curtains hang over the radiator, tuck them behind.
  • Don’t have floor length curtains covering your radiator. They may look fabulous but you’re wasting energy. Ensure you measure your windows accurately before ordering curtains (we measure for free!). Or get them adjusted to fit above the radiator. Insulating your windows with good quality curtains will maximise your use of energy.
  • Place heat reflective foil behind your radiator to prevent loss of heat through the walls.

If your windows aren’t draughty and your curtains do a good job of insulating them, then you might consider radiators on other walls. There are some fantastic designs available which can complement the style you choose for your room.

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