How to sleep well on hot summer nights

1. Keep bedrooms dark

Generally, the darker the bedroom, the less disturbed your sleep will be. And this is especially important in getting children to go to bed: we need darkness to trigger our sleep hormone: melatonin.

Early morning light can seem lovely but your body will naturally start to wake up when it senses daylight… even if you manage to stay asleep.

Blackout blinds and curtains need to be fitted properly to ensure no light sneaks in around the edges or the top. (There are systems we use to make sure light stays out.)

2. Keep your curtains shut

Keep curtains closed throughout the day, and ideally, if you have blinds, keep those closed too. It will make a big difference to how hot your room becomes. An hour before bedtime, open the curtains and windows to get a through breeze.

3. Avoid screens before bedtime

If you’re not convinced about the effectiveness of NOT looking at your phone, or watching television in the two hours before bed, try reading a book before bed instead for a few nights.

We all need a way to switch off from the trials and tribulations of the day and some research shows that reading before bed is one of the secrets to improved health and wellbeing. It can lower cortisol levels so help to reduce stress, it can improve empathy, stave off Alzheimer’s, mitigate mild mental health concerns, and improve cognitive function.

Researchers at the University of Sussex showed that six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%. Even if you’re not swayed by the statistics, I’d say that it’s worth trying.

4. Choose cotton

Ensure that you have cotton sheets on your bed and that your nightwear is made from cotton too. Synthetic fabrics tend to let the sweat stay on your body rather than wicking it away. The thread count to aim for is between 200 and 400. Some studies show that if the thread count is any higher, the sheets become less absorbent.

5. Create cooler air

If you have a fan in your room, it will help move the air around, but to actually cool the air, consider placing a bowl of ice in front of it (ensuring this set-up is safe and there is no danger of fan and ice actually coming in contact): the air will be cooled as it blows across the top of it.

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Thank you for reading.

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