How to choose the best curtains for your home

During  the colder months, window coverings are as essential as a good winter coat, and during the warmer ones, good curtains and particularly good blinds, mean you can control the amount of light and warmth in your home.

With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting, not to mention costly, if you get it wrong.

When I’m discussing what a client needs, the 4 essential factors I take into consideration are as follows;

  1. Privacy & lighting
  2. Measurements
  3. Material
  4. Style

1. Light and bright

You need to consider how much light you want to keep in or out of the space; sheer curtains will provide privacy; whilst maintaining the level of light into the room.

Heavier fabrics will provide extra privacy and will help minimise the level of light, hence a better choice for bedrooms or sitting rooms where you spend for winter evenings.

You can also consider adding a blackout lining to your curtains for rooms where the amount of light is a real issue (for example; children’s bedrooms in the summer months).

2. Curtains that fit really well

You can choose the most beautiful fabric and have stunning curtains made, but if they aren’t fitted correctly, they can look awful. Equally, if you’re on a budget, cheaper fabric can often be made to look more expensive. Take time to consider your curtain length; as this will have the biggest impact on the overall look;

  • Brushing the window sill – for shorter curtains
  • Touching the floor – the fabric should hang taught
  • Brushing the floor – the edge of the curtains gathers a few centimetres over the floor
  • Pooling at the floor – the fabric drapes over the floor at 5cm or more

Tip: Add height to your room by hanging curtains nearer to the ceiling

3. Fabulous fabric

This is often where the struggle can be the hardest: the choice can be overwhelming. To help whittle it down, thinking about the function of your curtains is a good place to start;

  • For a softer/airy feel, lightweight linens & cottons are best
  • For dramatic/statement curtains, opt for heavier velvet & suedes
  • For a formal feel, go for heavyweight fabrics

4. Patterns or plains

Once you’ve decided on your fabric type, the fun bit is getting to choose the colour and/pattern to go with your room scheme.

  • Pick a colour – take a hue from your room’s colour scheme & choose a pattern or solid fabric and this will help to pull it all together
  • Make a statement – for a neutral room scheme, be bold and opt for a bright colour or striking print.
  • Keep it simple – for rooms with bold wallpapers or upholstery, opt for a more neutral patterned or plain fabric for a timeless look

For more information or a free consultation and no-obligation quote, feel free to pop along to see me and all our beautiful fabrics at Hatfields of Colchester, Peartree Road, Stanway, Colchester 01206 571000.

We cater for all budgets and settings; from homes to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Thank you for reading.

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