The achievable home decor trends of the year

We’re well into 2017 now and the styles and trends of interior design are fairly concrete. Colours, textures and finishes are cemented into the showroom’s fabric books, and magazine articles are full of the greens, navy blues, ‘jewel’ colours, natural textures, earthy colours and a strong connection with nature.

Green and blues!

This is from the Designers Guild new spring/summer collection: and it’s all about the blues and vivid glazes: which take inspiration from Murano glass, and glazed earthenware, Majolica.  The canvas it’s set against is white: and colour focuses on certain areas; an easy effect to achieve in your own home.

Navy and jewels

These rich, jewel-like colours look fantastic against a plain canvas such as this white boarded floor and off-white walls. The way to pull it off to the best effect is to think about textures; the use of the less-than-perfect white seat here just enhances the richness of the fabric; the sense of an upgraded palatial home: the bones of it may be dated by the luxuriousness is new and vibrant.

Pastels & nature

Contrasting with these ‘respectable’ core colours, are the pastels. Pastels are making a comeback but they are not to be left alone: the way to achieve the look is to combine textures: so if you’re going for  a pastel pink bedroom wall, add elements of nature such as driftwood: pastels are the canes, nature is the art!

Statement furniture

And there is a return to really good quality furniture: so it’s time to hit the auction room and find well made pieces which make a statement in your home. You can upgrade them with some of the wonderful  fabrics we have in store. Also keep an eye out for statement lamps and lighting.

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