Man caves and cinema rooms on the rise in Essex!

Autumn and winter are often exciting times for movie-lovers. Last year, it was the launch of the Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. Star Wars hysteria was rife. Cinema bookings sky-rocket as people want that first taste of watching a new movie on a big screen.

It’s at this time of year that we see an increase in blackout-blinds-for-cinema-room and man cave requests too. ‘Man Cave’: the retreat designed for men, by men: usually filled with movie memorabilia, large televisions, Playstations and X-boxes! Where better to sit, watch a movie, and turn up the volume to the level that’s not normally ‘permitted’ in the traditional living room setting?

The launch of  blockbusters like these,  reignites people’s passion for film at a time of year when leisure activities tend to move indoors.

Many of our clients want to make the cinema room as dark as possible to get the best cinema experience possible. The blacks must be black! This cinema room creation in Colchester uses blinds that alternate between blackout, and see-through. The rolling blinds allow for transparency during the day and privacy at night.

Complete blackout

If you want to make sure light doesn’t creep through around the edges of the window, we can ensure the blinds run right to the frame using side rails, tracks or channels.

If you’d like more information about blinds, blackout blinds and blinds to suit your living room, bathroom, bedroom or more, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or call 01206 571000.

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