Blackout blinds & blackout curtains: the summer essential!

With summer comes brighter mornings, and lighter evenings. This is wonderful for those of us who enjoy being up with the larks or who don’t need to be in bed before sunset… but it makes it difficult for those of us who need to sleep while the sun is still hovering. It’s especially tiresome for parents of children who don’t yet understand that although it’s light outside, they need to go to bed!

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible to help get quality sleep

Light affects our natural circadian rhythm: if the sun is up, our bodies naturally assume we should be awake. And even if you’re asleep, light coming into your bedroom will tell your body that it’s time to wake up.

Regular, restful sleep is crucial for our bodies’ repair. And so blackout blinds and blackout curtains are a must! These have to fit your windows as closely as possible to prevent light seeping in around the edges.

You can either add blackout material to your existing curtains, or choose your favourite fabric, (we have so many wonderful fabrics to choose from) and we will hand-make curtains or blinds to suit your windows, with additional blackout material.

Roman blinds can be fitted closely, or pleated blinds will also work very hard to keep the light out. A good set of heavy curtains plus a blackout blind will exclude even more light.

Chris will measure your windows before you place your order, and will fit them for you too. So not only will you get some extra sleep, you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful new curtains or blinds too!

Come to choose your fabrics and blinds at our store inside Hatfields of Colchester Peartree Rd, Stanway, Colchester, Essex CO3 0LA 01206 571000 or email me for more information.

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